Cross RC HC4 Truck – transformed to a modern expedition vehicle

Well, there are a lot of nice HC4 builds based on the Cross RC kit around the world, but 90% are built in military style and after some thinking Ollyman came up with an idea to transform the HC4 kit to modern style expedition vehicle. The colour orange is based on the “German Offroad Challenge” and received an original starting number as well.


Swamp boat trailer

When does the enthusiasm for scale items stop? Never ever – if you can imagine it – you can build it! The swamp boat available at HobbyKing is a nice and affordable scale item than can be easily transferred to a stunning piece of scale art. However, how do you get it to shore? Carry around in your backpack? Of course not! This must be achieved in style in of course scale!

Walk the trail with the German CSB group – January 2018

In addition to being a founding member of OCD Racing, Ollyman enjoys the local “Walk the trail” events of the “Crawler and Scaler Bande NRW” in the greater Düsseldorf area.

The CSB was founded in 2013 in Ratingen (close to the Düsseldorf Airport) and members of both groups enjoy the same RC principles and in 2017 they  visited  some of the prestigious events like G6, Superscale and the International Trophy together.

Shelter HQ or is it a meth lab?

The upcoming year 2018 will bring another fine year with lots of scaler & crawler events and OCD is planning to equip some smaller stages with special made scale items and buildings

Since most of the OCD members have a 3D printer you can expect to see some really nice areas.

We started out with the vintage Gulf gas pump that has the top part enlightened and will now continue with the HQ Shelter…

Vintage Gasoline Pump

Once you dive in to the world of scale RC, it is not all about the ride you build and show of at a G6, various Scale Challenges or Superscale events. With aftermarket parts and scale items that are readily available scale RC enthusiast can build and outfit complete scale garages or other buildings to recreate that perfect scale scenario. However, sometimes you see scale items at various events that are scratchbuild or 3D printed and perfectly resemble the original item.

In order to outfit the scale garage that Ollyman already built, he was looking for some vintage scale gas pumps but realized quickly that suitable parts are not available for purchasing.  “Well, if it is not available, I will 3D print it” and with some searching on the Internet he found some suitable files that resulted in a nice scale item…

Looks good and suits the overall look of the garage, but something is missing…..

Definition of a Trail Hero!

Just like in 1:1 offroading and trail driving the members of OCD live up to certain standards. One is the definition of the “Trail Hero”, a person who loves RC recreation and access to trails, learning an areas history, loves and maintains the land, anxiously awaits adventure and takes care to keep our public trails open for future RC Drivers.


Xray XB2 Carpet 2018 Build – Part 1

After receiving my new Hudy tools it was time to continue building the XB2 Carpet edition. The only other buggy I had ever build was a Tamiya DF-02, needless to say that the Xray is at a completely new level. Of course this is a competition ready buggy and the DF-02 was more just a fun buggy. The first thing I had to assemble was the rear drivetrain.

Picking the right screwdrivers

When I got back into this hobby about a good year ago, I invested into what I thought were some good screwdrivers. Good tools can make life a lot easier and makes maintenance fun instead of a frustration. Little did I know that about a year later I would realise that my tools were definitely not that great and ended up being a frustration. So I went out to find something better and wanted to share my findings with you, hoping you will not make the same mistake.

Xray XB2 Carpet Edition 2018

Yes! It has arrived, the brand new Xray XB2 Carpet Edition 2018. Next year I (Spartan/Maarten) plan to start driving at the local RC club, who have a wonderful off-road track. Having never done this before I will most likely have a lot to learn, but in the end I want to participate in the club’s 2wd buggy competition. With that in mind I bought the Xray XB2 C 2018, probably one of the better and more serious competition buggies out there. 

How to lower the CG…

Scalers are very nice looking RC cars, but most builders tend to overload their cars with scale extras, heavy duty roll cages and stuff like that. What most builders overlook, is the center of gravity (CG) of RC scalers. The higher the CG is, the more likely the car will do a sideways roll on a hill or obstacle.  One can rearange the position of the battery or the motor, but sometimes this does not work out for a chassis.

Putting strips of automotive Balance weights inside the tires is a good and less expensive idea, that will bring down the CG. However, if you drive a lot through water, they can get loose and make the tires all wobbly and decrease the grip.

The perfect solution is