Swamp boat trailer

When does the enthusiasm for scale items stop? Never ever – if you can imagine it – you can build it! The swamp boat available at HobbyKing is a nice and affordable scale item than can be easily transferred to a stunning piece of scale art. However, how do you get it to shore? Carry around in your backpack? Of course not! This must be achieved in style in of course scale!

Unfortunately there are no ready made suitable offroad trailers for the Hobby King swamp boat available, but if you surf around the web for images on boat trailers, you can see, that the setup is pretty simple. So why not take this design and adapt it with Tinkercad to some 3D printed parts in order to achieve a suitable boat trailer?!







To connect all the parts an 11.5mm by 11.5mm steel rod is used and provides the stability needed.

The axles and bearings are from a Tamiya M05 kit and can be bought separately, too.

The finished trailer looks really cool and with the adding of some scale parts like ropes, fasteners and hooks it will be a nice scale add on to the selection.

For stability all parts printed with 100% infill.

Next step will be to replace the static drop wheel with a functional one – stay tuned!

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