Cross RC HC4 Truck – transformed to a modern expedition vehicle

Well, there are a lot of nice HC4 builds based on the Cross RC kit around the world, but 90% are built in military style and after some thinking Ollyman came up with an idea to transform the HC4 kit to modern style expedition vehicle. The colour orange is based on the “German Offroad Challenge” and received an original starting number as well.


The  HC4 was outfitted with some 3D printed gastanks which act as battery compartment for a 1s 5500 on each side. The rear part is basically an Axial honcho add on bolted to the HC4 Chassis with a transferbase. This ensures an easy swap of the rear part with just 4 screws to be taken out. All compartments and lockers were designed with and printed with an Anet A8 3D printer.

Some minor scale addons are not finished yet and the gearbox might be exchanged for a beltdrive sooner or later…


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