Picking the right screwdrivers

When I got back into this hobby about a good year ago, I invested into what I thought were some good screwdrivers. Good tools can make life a lot easier and makes maintenance fun instead of a frustration. Little did I know that about a year later I would realise that my tools were definitely not that great and ended up being a frustration. So I went out to find something better and wanted to share my findings with you, hoping you will not make the same mistake.

In my last post I showed you all how happy I was to receive my Xray XB2 Carpet edition. As any of us would do, I went straight into building it. This ended in one big frustration, about two pictures in the build I ruined two screws only to find out my screwdrivers had worn so much that they were not gripping properly anymore. There I was with a brand new kit, but not the right tools to build it anymore. I could not believe it went wrong because I honestly thought I had bought proper quality tools.

Whenever I get stuck in this hobby I reach out to Ollyman, he has the most experience and often has a solution for my problems. In this case he advised me to invest in some really good tools, Hudy, Arrowmax or Awesomeatix and nothing else. Still a bit skeptical about it all I went ahead and ordered some Hudy 1.5 and 2.0 hexes.

When I received my tools I had to admit, they looked professional and felt light but sturdy. However, I was still wondering how these were going to be so much better than my previous tools… Then I grabbed my Xray XB2 kit and tried to remove the screws I had almost ruined with my previous screwdrivers. They came out without any problems… It was then that I realised the difference between my previous tools and in this case the hudy tools. They fit was perfect, it was strong and really sort of gripped the screw.

So for anyone wondering what tools to get, please follow Ollyman’s tip and buy a high quality tool like Hudy, Arrowmax or Awesomeatix. I know, I know, they are not cheap and there will probably be many telling you that you can get cheaper ones. Just find a friend or fellow driver with one of the above tools and ask them if you can just hold them and try them for a minute. You will be sold, I promise.

P.S. This post is purely a personal experience and in no way sponsored by any brand.

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