Xray XB2 Carpet 2018 Build – Part 1

After receiving my new Hudy tools it was time to continue building the XB2 Carpet edition. The only other buggy I had ever build was a Tamiya DF-02, needless to say that the Xray is at a completely new level. Of course this is a competition ready buggy and the DF-02 was more just a fun buggy. The first thing I had to assemble was the rear drivetrain.

The first thing I noticed while building this buggy is the quality of all the parts. All parts fit really well if you pay close attention to the manual and use some common sense. Sometimes it’s easy to mess up the different screw sizes, so pay attention to each steps. With the rear drivetrain assembled, work on the chassis starts and we get to mount the drivetrain.

Working on the rear suspension arms, I quickly learned that there are not only a bunch of option parts for this buggy, but there are also endless setup options. The manual describes very clearly what setup possibilities the ride offers and the effect it has on driving it. This gives even the beginner a good idea of what is possible with the car and what you might want to change in the future. For now I just stuck with the initial setup of the buggy. After placing the rear drive train the manual slowly takes you to the front end of the buggy.

The overal quality of the buggy and the clarity of the manual just honestly make it a pleasure to build this buggy. I really enjoyed assembling the chassis and I can’t wait to get started with electronics and painting the body. Let’s hope I can make some time to finish this ride over the december month celebrations.

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