Xray XB2 Carpet Edition 2018

Yes! It has arrived, the brand new Xray XB2 Carpet Edition 2018. Next year I (Spartan/Maarten) plan to start driving at the local RC club, who have a wonderful off-road track. Having never done this before I will most likely have a lot to learn, but in the end I want to participate in the club’s 2wd buggy competition. With that in mind I bought the Xray XB2 C 2018, probably one of the better and more serious competition buggies out there. 

I’m not the kind of guy that gives much about the packaging, but I must admit that this really gives you the idea you bought a serious kit. The outer box is just for show, but when removed the real box is sealed with a real seal and everything. What really surprised me is what I found on top of the parts inside the box, an official Xray certificate! Now that really gives me the feeling that I have bought a serious kit.

Like you would expect from any RC kit it comes with a clear manual and loads of parts in separate bags. Be sure to check out the Xray page before you start building though as they upload updated manuals and setup sheets to their site. They might come in handy while you are building. Another thing that I noticed while browsing through the part bags and box, is that each part bag has a little note in there with the name of who packed the bag. Now I kinda feel like I bought a really expensive 1:1 supercar…. Can’t wait to get this build going now!


Check out the Team Xray site for more info on the 2018 XB2 carpet edition, here.

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