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Walk the trail with the German CSB group – January 2018

In addition to being a founding member of OCD Racing, Ollyman enjoys the local “Walk the trail” events of the “Crawler and Scaler Bande NRW” in the greater Düsseldorf area.

The CSB was founded in 2013 in Ratingen (close to the Düsseldorf Airport) and members of both groups enjoy the same RC principles and in 2017 they  visited  some of the prestigious events like G6, Superscale and the International Trophy together.

Definition of a Trail Hero!

Just like in 1:1 offroading and trail driving the members of OCD live up to certain standards. One is the definition of the “Trail Hero”, a person who loves RC recreation and access to trails, learning an areas history, loves and maintains the land, anxiously awaits adventure and takes care to keep our public trails open for future RC Drivers.