Walk the trail with the German CSB group – January 2018

In addition to being a founding member of OCD Racing, Ollyman enjoys the local “Walk the trail” events of the “Crawler and Scaler Bande NRW” in the greater Düsseldorf area.

The CSB was founded in 2013 in Ratingen (close to the Düsseldorf Airport) and members of both groups enjoy the same RC principles and in 2017 they  visited  some of the prestigious events like G6, Superscale and the RC-Fun.be International Trophy together.

On January 6th 10 drivers met in a forest near Ratingen and for a couple hours the trails and little river transformed into a small off road world!

As with most RC enthusiast, there are never enough kits or models to build and there is always that must have item luring around the corner.  To satisfy this addiction a couple guys engaged into the world of RC boating and came out with some nice looking swamp boats that are inexpensive yet loads of fun to drive and build – incl. custom made trailers and scale appearance!

The beauty of scale RC models is the never ending incoming flow of ideas and with todays tools, machinery and available parts one can build a true and outstanding dream machine!

If you think that those RC models are just built for looks and a life as shelf queen, you are wrong! Scale RC is about performance as well!

For a complete picture coverage of the CSB Walk the trail event please visit the following link:

CSB Walk the trail January 2018








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