OCD History

On January 27th 2017 OCD-Racing was founded by members Maarten (Spartan) and Ruben. It started out with a simple facebook page and a team name in order for us to share our experience in the RC car hobby. To this very time it is still the essence of OCD Racing – sharing our wonderful hobby and hopefully inspiring others to join us on our journey. Fun and enjoying the RC car hobby is what our team is build upon and something we value the most.

Why did we chose to name our team OCD Racing?

Well, thats because although we have not been diagnosed with OCD we do tend to have some obsessive disorders when it comes to the RC car hobby. When we scale, we scale, no messing around and if somebody tips over we winch them out. However, it can also be seen as short for Obsessive Crawling Disorder, which probably the favourite part of our RC car hobby. Then again you might run into us in other aspects of the hobby as well, on road, off road, racing, scaling you name it. If it has wheels and its remote controlled, we love it!

Not long after founding OCD Racing we ran into the very much like minded and quite experienced Ollyman! He shares our passion for the RC car hobby as well as our ideas and thoughts on RC Cars. This is how our team grew to the current three founding members that share the passion for the hobby and wish to share it with you!

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