How to lower the CG…

Scalers are very nice looking RC cars, but most builders tend to overload their cars with scale extras, heavy duty roll cages and stuff like that. What most builders overlook, is the center of gravity (CG) of RC scalers. The higher the CG is, the more likely the car will do a sideways roll on a hill or obstacle.  One can rearange the position of the battery or the motor, but sometimes this does not work out for a chassis.

Putting strips of automotive Balance weights inside the tires is a good and less expensive idea, that will bring down the CG. However, if you drive a lot through water, they can get loose and make the tires all wobbly and decrease the grip.

The perfect solution is go to your local steel shop and ask them to make some heavy steel rings that perfectly fit your rims.


This nice steel ring increases the weight of the tire from 99g to an elusive 344g!

Pay close attention to the foam insert still working and take into consideration that this amount of additional weight will put some more strain on the drive train as well.

But its fun to see your buddies car role down the hill while you stay on top of the track! 😉

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