Vintage Gasoline Pump

Once you dive in to the world of scale RC, it is not all about the ride you build and show of at a G6, various Scale Challenges or Superscale events. With aftermarket parts and scale items that are readily available scale RC enthusiast can build and outfit complete scale garages or other buildings to recreate that perfect scale scenario. However, sometimes you see scale items at various events that are scratchbuild or 3D printed and perfectly resemble the original item.

In order to outfit the scale garage that Ollyman already built, he was looking for some vintage scale gas pumps but realized quickly that suitable parts are not available for purchasing.  “Well, if it is not available, I will 3D print it” and with some searching on the Internet he found some suitable files that resulted in a nice scale item…

Looks good and suits the overall look of the garage, but something is missing…..Real vintage gas pumps have a small light inside the top part that produces a nice shine during the night and during shopping for xmas ornaments at a local Action store Ollyman found some interesting gadgets:

Those lightballs have a readymade LED installation with a switch and batteries included for less than 1 Euro – perfect! Went back to the drawing board and changed some parts on the gas pump so the LED and battery installment could be fitted inside. The RGB LED was changed to a pure white one.

After fitting all parts together and applying  a suitable vintage paint job Ollyman is very pleased with the finished product! It will be nice addon to his scale garage.



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