RC Trophy 2017 Video

A couple weeks ago we attended an event in Ter Spegelt NL by, the RC-Fun Trophy 2017. It was the second time that this event was organised and it was a lot larger than the pervious year. The organisation did a great job creating different scale stages in the sand, giving us plenty of room to go trailing, scaling and crawling. Some parts were challenging, but overall it was just a nice scale drive and we really enjoyed it. Since events and experiences like these are hard to describe in words, check out the video below to see what it was all about!

10th scale Garage – Detailing to perfection

Nothing stuns a picture of a scale garage more than those little items and gadgets you see in a real garage.


A 10th scale garage

If you are interested in 10th scale realistic crawlers or trophy cars, sooner or later you will see interesting pictures of scale garages that have mind boggling details and are just a pure feast for the eyes to look at. Since taking photos of scale cars is one of Ollyman´s habits, too, there was a need to build one of those garages as well. With a 3D printer, good model building skills and of course a well thought through blue print the building of a scale garage started…

2nd Käfer-Cup Season Opener at Racers Paradise in Erftstadt

Well known RC legend “Knotti” runs the onroad racetrack “Racers Paradise” in Erftstadt close to Cologne. After last years reopening of the track and introduction of the Käfer-Cup, which was a great success, the second season started on Saturday Oct. 28th.

22 Racers found their way to the “Racers Paradise” and OCD member Ollyman was one of them.

According to the rules, a Tamiya TT-02 or TT-01 can be used, but RWD only!  The Käfer body and wing is supplied by “Racers Paradise” own production and a cheap 17.5t brushless with the kit ESC are responsible for the forward power.

SCX10 I with Jeep Wrangler

In 2016 Ollyman got a SCX10 I Kit as birthday present and this was the entry ticket into the wide world of scale crawling.

The Chassis was equipped with a beltdrive, beeftubes and some aluminium links along with a BTA steering kit. The paint scheme with dark grey and neon green has been used by Ollyman in the early 2000 years for onroad racing and was slightly adapted for the Wrangler.

Old Smokey – SCX10-I won prestigious G6 Award!

The Theme for the 2017 G6 in Bilstain was “gone fishing” and OCD driver Ollyman managed to build a superdetailed Jeep Gladiator Body on an Axial SCX10-I chassis.

Coming late to the show and shine part of the event almost let Brian Prker overlook this beauty, but eventually it was picked by Mr. G6 himself as Rat Rod of the Event!

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