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Picking the right screwdrivers

When I got back into this hobby about a good year ago, I invested into what I thought were some good screwdrivers. Good tools can make life a lot easier and makes maintenance fun instead of a frustration. Little did I know that about a year later I would realise that my tools were definitely not that great and ended up being a frustration. So I went out to find something better and wanted to share my findings with you, hoping you will not make the same mistake.

SCX10 I with Jeep Wrangler

In 2016 Ollyman got a SCX10 I Kit as birthday present and this was the entry ticket into the wide world of scale crawling.

The Chassis was equipped with a beltdrive, beeftubes and some aluminium links along with a BTA steering kit. The paint scheme with dark grey and neon green has been used by Ollyman in the early 2000 years for onroad racing and was slightly adapted for the Wrangler.