Who’s Who?

Maarten (Spartan) – Founding Member

Maarten started the hobby many years ago with his very first Tamiya DF-02. Quickly after driving his buggy around he met some people that were into trailing and scaling. Soon he got his own Tamiya CC-01 Pajero and started attending some of the first trailing events in the Netherlands. When life came around the corner, including a starting working career and kids, he had to take a break from the hobby. Till this very day he misses some of the stuff he sold.
Since 2016 he is back in the hobby full force again, but had to start over from the very beginning. The first new car he bought was an Axial Wraith, which soon got replaced by a SCX-10. Little over a year into the hobby his collection includes, the scx-10, tamiya leopard 2 a4, tamiya tt-02, tamiya tt-01 (rebuild to rally) and a Xray XB2 Carpet edition 2018. With this collection he is active in many of the rc car disciplines and determined to never ever quit the hobby again. RC is and will always be part of his life!

Ruben – Founding Member


Olly (Ollyman) – Founding Member

Ollyman started out the RC Car hobby during his military time in Canada in the 90s. He engaged in offroad and onraod racing and his first RC car was Kyosho Ultima 2WD Buggy. Very quickly he became interested in the racing scene in Winnipeg and Fargo and after returning to Germany he raced offroad trucks at OEC Mönchengladbach and later on touringcars at VIOL Racing in Willich. In 2004 he quit racing to start in RC Aircombat flying and found his way back to RC cars in 2015 with Kyosho MiniZ in 28th scale. Since the MiniZ scene had already peaked out and was decreasing he received an Axial SCX10 scale crawler as Christmas present and subsequently found his way back to 10th scale RC cars. After remembering his early racing days Ollyman bought a 2WD buggy again – an XRay B2! During practice time at Racing Arena Limburg he met an old friend from his early RC Racing days and was given a few test-drives with an XRay T4 and X1. Needless to say, that ever since Ollyman was hooked on RC racing again and is currently taking part in various classes of scaler, crawler, offroad and onroad racing.